Unique Designs of general use

Buildings, Statue ETC

General Models 3D


  • Designs and Models: This could include anything from 3D printable objects like figurines and toys to architectural models of buildings and furniture.
  • Statues: Creating 3D models for custom statues or replicating existing ones.
  • Complex Structural Designs: This could involve 3D modeling for bridges, airplanes, or other intricate engineering projects.
  • Educational Models: Developing 3D models of anatomical structures, historical artifacts, or scientific concepts for educational purposes.
cure with 3d, curewith3d
Example: Design of Shree Ganesha
cure with 3d, curewith3d
curewith3d, Cure with 3D


We can design and model a wide range of objects, including buildings, statues, complex structural designs, educational models, figurines, and more.

Absolutely! We can modify existing models or create entirely new ones based on your specifications.

We typically provide common file formats like STL, OBJ, and FBX, 3MF suitable for 3D printing and design software.

While we focus on model creation, we can connect you with trusted 3D printing partners based on your material and printing needs.

Turnaround time depends on the model’s complexity. We provide estimates upon reviewing your project details.

Yes, in some cases. We accept various file formats and can assess your model for compatibility and modification options.

While we don’t offer scanning directly, we can connect you with reputable 3D scanning partners based on your needs.

Pricing varies depending on the model’s complexity, size, and desired level of detail. We provide quotes after reviewing your project requirements.