3D Anatomical & Surgical Models

For Education & Clinical Purpose

3D Surgical Models


  • Pre-operative planning: Create detailed 3D models of a patient’s anatomy (bones, organs, etc.) from medical scans (CT scans, MRIs). This allows surgeons to virtually rehearse complex procedures beforehand, improving surgical accuracy and efficiency.
  • Patient education: Develop 3D models to help patients visualize their condition and understand the planned surgery, improving communication and informed consent.
  • Research and development: 3D models can be used for medical research, simulating surgical techniques or testing new implant designs.
cure with 3d, curewith3d
Example: Design of Skull & Brain
cure with 3d, curewith3d
curewith3d, Cure with 3D


3D models allow surgeons to pre-plan surgeries, improving accuracy, efficiency, and communication with patients.

We typically work with CT scans and MRIs, but feel free to inquire about compatibility with other formats.

Yes, you can receive a digital copy of your model for educational or reference purposes.

We have experience working with various anatomies. Feel free to consult with us about your specific needs.

Absolutely! We can provide secure file formats for easy sharing with your healthcare team.

We use advanced software and follow strict quality control procedures to ensure model accuracy based on the provided medical scans.

Yes, we can customize the model with different views, annotations, and color-coding to highlight relevant anatomical features.