Surgical Guides & Jigs

For Surgical Support & Precision

Biocompatible 3D Surgical Guides & Jigs


  • Improved surgical accuracy: Design and create sterile, biocompatible surgical guides and jigs that precisely guide surgeons during procedures. This can lead to improved accuracy for drilling, cutting, and implant placement.
  • Reduced complications: Surgical guides can minimize the risk of errors and complications associated with freehand surgery.
  • Faster learning curve: These guides can be especially helpful for training surgeons on new procedures.
cure with 3d, curewith3d
Example: Design of Spine Jig
curewith3d, Cure with 3D


These are sterile, biocompatible tools designed to improve surgical accuracy by guiding instrument placement during procedures.

In most cases, surgical guides and jigs are single-use, ensuring sterility and optimal functionality.

Absolutely! We work with surgeons to design guides that perfectly complement their surgical approach.

We follow strict sterilization protocols using industry-standard methods to ensure patient safety.

Absolutely! Surgical guides are particularly valuable for minimally invasive procedures, promoting precision and reducing surgical site exposure.

We recommend having a backup guide readily available in case of damage. However, some guides can be repaired depending on the material and extent of damage.

The cost of surgical guides varies depending on their complexity and design. We provide quotes upon discussing your specific needs.